lofi hip hop radio - beats to sleep/chill to

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Welcome to the sleepy lofi hip hop radio. This playlist contains the smoothest lofi hip hop beats, perfect to help you chill or fall asleep πŸ’€ 🧑Join the ChilledCow family to get awesome perks β†’ http://bit.ly/chilledcow-family πŸ‘• Check out the ChilledCow merch β†’ https://bit.ly/chilledcow-merch 🎼 Listen to ChilledCow everywhere β†’ https://bit.ly/chilledcow-spotify β†’ https://bit.ly/chilledcow-applemusic β†’ https://bit.ly/chilledcow-soundcloud 🌎 Follow ChilledCow everywhere β†’ https://bit.ly/chilledcow-instagram β†’ https://bit.ly/chilledcow-facebook β†’ https://bit.ly/chilledcow-twitter 🎧 Subscribe to my 2nd channel DreamyCow β†’ https://bit.ly/dreamy-cow πŸ“š Listen to the 1st radio to help you study β†’ https://bit.ly/study-radio πŸ“ŒUpdate - 23/01/2020 New beats added 🎨 Illustration by Basile Gouttenoire β†’ https://www.artstation.com/bazart πŸŽ₯ Animation by Nathalie Baraton β†’ https://www.instagram.com/nathalie.baraton/ πŸ“ Submissions β†’ Artwork : [email protected] β†’ Music : https://soundcloud.com/chilledcow